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Do I Qualify for a Window Film Rebate?

Florida residents use more electricity for air conditioning than almost any other state in the country. That’s why rebates are available to homeowners who install certain types of window film. By installing this solar window film in your Orlando-area home, you could cut your energy bill by up to 30%. Plus, you could qualify for the cost-saving rebate. For each square foot of solar window film you install, you could earn one dollar back. The maximum value of the rebate is $200.

In order to qualify for the rebate, the UV window film must have a coefficient of 0.5 or less. You must also have a Home Energy Check completed before scheduling the installation. A qualified contractor will make sure your solar window films are installed according to the requirements. In addition to these eligibility criteria, you must have the film or screen installed on each window that faces east, west, and south. The sooner you schedule a window tint appointment, the sooner you can start saving on your utility bills!

Window Film Rebate in FL