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Protect Your Building with 3M™ Security Film

Every building has potential weak points that are susceptible to damage from natural disasters and would-be burglars. Usually, these weak points include the windows. Installing safety glass in your building in Windermere is a good start, but you can also take the extra step of installing 3M™ security window film. This specialized film is also a good choice for building owners who want to retrofit their windows, without having to replace them entirely.

Protect your building from burglaries. Security window Film

Commercial property theft is one of the many problems business owners have to worry about. The loss of office equipment in itself is troublesome, but you’ll probably also have to deal with property damage, such as smashed windows. It can be costly to recover from a burglary, and prevention is certainly preferable. You can reduce your risk of being targeted by a burglar by scheduling the professional installation of safety window film. It’s specially designed to resist smash and grab burglaries, thanks to its micro-layering and tear resistance. Depending on your commercial insurance carrier and specific policy, you might even find that installing security film can lead to a discount on your premiums.

Mitigate the hazards of natural disasters.

The annual threat of hurricane season is never far from a Florida resident’s mind. Security window film can give you a little extra peace of mind the next time a major storm approaches the coast. In Florida, 3M™ film is not approved for use as impact or hurricane protection. You’ll still need to have impact windows installed to get your building up to code. But adding security film to those impact windows can boost the safety of your building.

Protect your employees from UV rays.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in the U.S. Unfortunately, many employees don’t routinely apply sunscreen when they know they’ll be working indoors all day. Windows by themselves cannot effectively block the ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage and eventually, skin cancer. Consider getting window film installed to protect your employees from UV rays. It will also protect your carpets and artwork from fading.