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Commercial Safety

Reduce the Potential Risks in Your Building

Orlando Commercial Property Safety

You may not realize it, but the windows in your commercial space could be posing as potential risk to your business. Mother nature and vandalism are two of the major threats that property owners in Orlando & Central Florida must deal with. Luckily, at Tint By Masters, we use the most durable window films to better protect your investments during a worst case scenario. See our gallery where we have done projects that always involve using the safest products.

Severe Weather and Hurricane Damage

Florida often experiences extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, severe wind storms, and earthquakes. During these natural disasters, there is little you can do to protect your commercial building. However, you may be able to prevent devastating damages by simply planning ahead. During a severe storm, windows and glass can be your worst enemy. If an unprotected glass breaks, the shards can fly everywhere and cause severe injury or major damage to your property. You can avoid this by having our team install our durable window films that can prevent flying glass and prevent damage.

Hurricane Window Tinting in Orlando

Protect Your Assets

Each year billion dollars are spent on repairing property related crimes. As a commercial property owner, you may need to display products by your windows but this could pose a potential risk for theft. Windows are one of the weakest points of entry for any type of building or office, and it is important to properly protect them. Our high quality window films can impede the process of breaking and entering and make it difficult to get through your window. This can reduce your risks and provide you peace of mind

Solar window tinting in orlando

Sun Damage

With time, powerful UV rays of the sun can cause damage to your property. The can damage the look of your company’s merchandise, furniture upholstery, carpet material, and window treatments. Blocking the sunlight with drapes may solve the problem, but eliminates the purpose of having a window. The window tinting films we carefully selected are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Although no film can completely stop fading from occurring, our films dramatically slow the process significantly reduce the potential damage.

Solar Window Film in Orlando

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