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Decorative Window Film in Orlando

Window Frosting and Stained Glass Window Film

Customized window film can turn any piece of glass into a work of art without the cost of buying new or specialized glass. Today, decorative window film allows you to customize glass in your home or business for added beauty and effective privacy. Tint By Masters offers decorative window film in Orlando as part of our commercial window film and residential window film services.

Adding Decorative Window Film to Your Home

Decorative window films are an excellent choice for windows in any area of the home. Customized window film allows our window film contractors to completely personalize your space in terms of both aesthetics and function for improved comfort and appeal.

  • Frosted window film can be used to partially or completely block a room for privacy, while still allowing natural light inside to brighten and open the space. This type of home window tinting is popular in bathrooms and rooms that face neighbors’ homes or busy streets.
  • Decorative window film, such as textured designs or even stained glass window film patterns, can provide privacy and complement the look of your home from the inside and the outside at the same time. Many homeowners opt to add this kind of window film solely for aesthetics on both ground-floor and upper-story windows.
  • If you have a glass front door or glass panels adjacent to your door, decorative glass film can add to the appeal of these features and let natural light pass through, while blocking the view others have into your home for added privacy and security.

Adding Decorative Window Film to Your Office

As office building design changes and evolves, the use of glass helps workspaces to feel brighter, more appealing, and more connected for an integrated work experience. Decorative glass film can be used to improve the stylistic appearance of your office, as well as provide privacy for personal offices or meeting rooms.

  • Decorative glass film is an easy, cost-effective, and beautiful way to improve or update an office space that integrates glass walls, partitions, or railings. Window films can also reduce the appearance of smudges and fingerprints in busy areas.
  • Patterned glass film can be used to define spaces or even identify floors and specialized areas in an office.
  • Frosted glass film is an excellent choice for privacy in the workplace. These films allow light to pass through so rooms feel large and open, while blocking outsiders’ view to maintain a personal space for meetings and discussions.
  • Privacy window film can easily change any glass into a great discrete location for meetings and planning sessions.
  • Solar window film can protect you from harmful UV rays and 3M window film provides sun control.
  • Security window film can stop intruders from entering your home or business.

Tint By Masters is pleased to offer residential window film and commercial window film near Winter Park and throughout the Orlando area. You can find out more about our privacy window film and other products as well as our window film installation and window film repair process when you call (407) 521-0920.

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