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Safety Glass in Orlando

Security Window Film

Privacy window film is a versatile and cost-effective solution that can increase the safety and security of your business. Privacy window film is designed to add strength to your windows, making them harder to break and providing additional protection for your property and your employees. At Tint By Masters, our window film contractors are pleased to offer 3M window film and tinting near Orlando, including safety window film and solar window film for your business. If you want to see what our safety glass looks like you can view our gallery.

The Basics of Safety Window Film

Security glass protects your property from damage caused by accidents, thieves, and vandals. When customized window film is applied to commercial windows, it creates an added barrier that serves two purposes. First, the protective window tinting increases the overall strength of the glass, making it more resistant to breaking under stress or impact. This helps to protect the glass itself, reducing the costs of broken windows associated with vandalism, burglaries, and simple accidents. Second, security window film prevents the glass from shattering inward or outward if it is broken, which reduces the risk of glass injuries and maintains an impenetrable barrier in the case of an attempted break-in. By holding the damaged glass in place, the window film improves the overall security of your building, both during regular business hours and while it is unoccupied.

Major Benefits of Safety Glass

Installing window films designed for safety offers your business many significant benefits. This simple yet effective privacy window film can be installed quickly and will continue to work for your property over the years to come.

  • Glass is one of the most vulnerable parts of a building, but also an important stylistic component that affects the feel of interior and exterior spaces. Adding security window film allows you to maintain large and inviting windows for an open, airy, and positive inside environment without incurring the risks associated with unprotected glass.
  • While security measures are important and can even reduce vandalism and theft, an excess of visible security can also affect whether your employees and customers feel safe on your property. Safety glass will increase the security of your building without visibly changing the outward appearance of your business.
  • Although safety glass may not completely prevent an intruder from entering your building, it will significantly increase the time it takes to get past this obstacle. The added time required to enter your property will give onsite security and local law enforcement time to react to the incident and catch those responsible.

Would you like to find out more about how residential or commercial film or tinting in Orlando can boost your business? Please call Tint By Masters today at (407) 521-0920 to discuss security glass window films as well as other commercial window film and residential window film. We also provide window film installation and window film repair.

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