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We create affordable signs while effectively communicating your company's message (407) 906-5564 We are local sign company with Over 15 years of expertise. At Orlando Auto Films of Orlando, Florida, we specialize in a wide variety of graphics, signs, and printing services to get your company noticed. With our know-how, industry connections, and state of the art technology, we proudly serve the Orlando market.

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Every Visual solution is hand tailored while keeping your business goals in mind, and supported by our industry experience and innovative sign-making technologies, providing your company with signage that delivers maximum impact while remaining cost effective. At Orlando Auto Films we searched for the brightest sign design talent so you don’t have to and utilize industry leading technologies to differentiate your business.

We're flexible

Whether you’re in need of digital printing, custom signs, vinyl signs, vinyl stickers, custom signage, custom graphics or display solutions we’ve got you covered. With our tried and true manufacturing processes combined with years of experience in the signage business, we have delivered time and time again, making us the precise sign and visual messaging specialists we are today.

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With Industry leading sign making options at your fingertips,  Orlando Auto Films of Orlando offers a variety of solutions for indoor and outdoor signage, ranging from but not limited to, event signs, custom trade show displays & booths, custom vehicle wraps, display technologies and much more. Our focus on creating the precise custom sign printing solutions will make your company shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can signage help my business?

Your companies image is a representation of your company to consumers, and one of the most important aspects of how potential clients identify you. Most consumers business decisions are based on the look of a business. Striving after a company image of "quality matters" will help differentiate your business from others and show clients you mean "business".

How much does it cost?

There are many variables that come into play when determining the cost of custom signage. Items such as size, materials, complexity, location, all have a contributing factor to cost, not to mention what type of sign. Vinyl signs are more cost effective than extruded metal letters for instance. We realize cost can be a determining factor, we are here to help. At Orlando Auto Films we promise to work with you and make a sign that is within your budget without sacrificing build quality.

What is your lead time? (How long do the process take)

This is greatly dependent on the complexity of the sign, whether it is a custom solution requiring materials to be ordered (1-4 weeks) from start to finish, or perhaps a vinyl sign where we have materials already in house (sometimes as soon at 24 hours).

Permits, what are those all about?

Most signs in Florida require a permit to be pulled especially if the sign is going to be placed on a building, sign codes can be rather complex so don't worry we can help with that.

How big can my custom sign be?

Touching on permitting again, when applying for a permit for your sign sizing is outlined and varies from county to county.

What if I don't know what kind of sign I want or am unsure of what I want?

Many people come to us and have no idea of what kind of custom sign they want, or what they even want it to look like. We are professionals, it is our part to make you LOOK GOOD! We will ask a series of questions and help provide recommendations to produce a signage solution that "works" for you and looks good too.

How long will my custom sign last?

That is up to you, whether it is a permanent or temporary solution, however we use some of the best materials in the industry: 3M, Avery, Orafol ect. The longer your sign solution needs to last, will determine what grade materials are used while keeping in mind cost for you.