Commercial Window Tinting in Orlando, Florida

Commercial window film provides protection from more than just harmful solar rays and glare—it can also increase your windows' ability to withstand blunt force and make removal of graffiti a simpler, less costly process.

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Commercial Window Tinting

Why Your Commercial Property Needs Tinted Windows

Your business is a place where you and countless others spend a majority of your day-to-day lives. You work hard to provide your customers or clients with top-notch service. Having your commercial property’s windows professionally tinted would simply take you a step ahead of your competitors by equipping your building with proper protection from harmful solar rays as well as increasing its ability to withstand blunt force. Even graffiti removal is a simpler, less costly process with professional film on your property’s windows.

The Professional Difference

Three Ways Security Window Tinting Protects Your Business

Huge amounts of time, energy, effort and ultimately - money - go into running your business. In order to help you keep your workplace safe and secure, you can take the normal measures like an alarm system to prevent losses and damage to your property. However, windows have the lowest barrier to entry in most buildings and more often than not, an alarm system will not get the immediate on-site attention that your property needs during a break-in.

With Security Film installed on your commercial property’s windows, negative occurrences and potential damages can be altogether prevented. Here are three ways that the high-quality 3M window film our team uses will support you in properly protecting your business:

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Loss prevention. With security film on your commercial windows installed by our tinting professionals, the pieces of a broken window would be held together. This minimizes the damage by Florida’s frequent hurricanes as well as helps stop break-in attempts.

Safeguarding building occupants. In the event of a storm, impact or bomb blast, having Security Window Tinting already installed on your commercial property’s windows would prevent any pieces of broken glass from being forced into your building, thus keeping anyone inside safe from harm.

Special Sacrificial Layer. Replacing your smartphone’s screen protector is far less costly than replacing your phone’s actual screen, which is what makes screen protection a good investment. The same applies for your business’ windows. When our tinting specialists apply Security Film to your windows, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that this high-grade tint offers a “sacrificial layer” that protects your glass from etching that may result from graffiti, blades or acid rain. Replacing the layer is much more cost-effective than replacing the entire window.

Protect Your Business

How UV Rays Can Negatively Affect Your Business

When our professional teams near Orlando, FL install UV Solar Window Film on the windows of your business, you effectively minimize the effects of Ultraviolet ray exposure, and therefore the negative results that can occur, such as the following:

Exposure. Studies have shown that daily exposure to UV rays through office windows can hasten signs of aging in the skin and increase the risk of cancer. It can also damage the natural lens of the eye, leading to the formation of cataracts.

commercial building with window film

Furniture Fading. Several types of light can cause fading to furniture. However, statistics show that up to 40% of fading and aging of natural and manmade materials is caused by UV light.

Prime time. A majority or all UV rays that reach Earth are received between 10am and 2pm - approximately 60% to be exact. Unfortunately, this is when most businesses, like yours, are in operation.

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