How To Cool Your House With Solar Window Tinting?
April 18, 2022

How To Cool Your House With Solar Window Tinting?

Summer is almost here, and every year seems to be a little bit hotter than the last. Now is the ideal time to prepare our homes and businesses to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the upcoming hot months. While it may appear straightforward, keeping a pleasant home temperature during the summer heatwaves can be difficult. 

The sun's infrared rays pass through your glass windows and raise indoor temperatures, forcing your air conditioner to work extra. This change in temperature leads to high energy bills, equipment problems, and maintenance. Residential window film installations may be of assistance. 

Solar window film installation on your home's windows will provide significant relief from the summer heat. It will protect your furniture and belongings and make the interior a much more comfortable living area. 

What is Solar Window Film?

Solar control film protects against the effects of the sun, such as heat, glare, and UV radiation damage. In this area, 3M Solar Control Window Films are the best. According to patented technology, the material includes 200 or more wafer-thin layers linked together into sheets thinner than a sticky note. The films are long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and engineered to let in a lot of light. They're not made of metal, so that they won't corrode or interfere with device signals. 

Here's how these films deal with the primary concerns that the sun causes in homes throughout the summer.

Heat Rejection

The temperature adjustment of residential window film installation is two-fold. In the beginning, it minimises the amount of solar heat that enters buildings through glass windows, doors, and skylights. For example, 3MTM Window Film utilises nanotechnology to block out 97 percent of infrared radiation and reject up to 60% of the heat that enters your home via your windows. 

Second, solar window film acts as an insulator, allowing you to keep more of the cold air produced by your air conditioner. Your home will be more comfortable, and your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep it cool, resulting in cheaper energy expenditures and fewer HVAC maintenance bills. 

Glare Reduction

Glare on televisions, computer monitors, laptops and desktop computers, smartphones, and cameras can be annoying, uncomfortable, and make it difficult to view the device screens we use every day. The sun's glare can obscure our views of the outside world, obstruct our vision, and cause eye strain and headaches.

Anti-glare characteristics in solar window film considerably decrease excessive glare. Hundreds of layers, for example, make up the 3MTM Solar Series Films, which precisely control light by reflecting specific wavelengths while allowing others to pass through. When the sun is at its highest and fiercest, this film actually improves its effectiveness as the angle of the light increases, providing extra glare protection. 

UV Protection

One of the most common causes of damage to home interiors is ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. UV rays cause materials to fade, discolour, and disintegrate when exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. Even through window glass, UV rays cause damage to our skin. UV radiation can wrinkle and age our skin and increase our chances of acquiring skin cancer. 

Window glass efficiently protects UVB rays, but 50 percent or more of damaging UVA rays still pass through, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. UV-protective window film blocks up to 99 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays. This layer of protection protects our skin and helps to extend the life of our home and office furnishings. 

Saves Money on Electricity Bills

That brings us perfectly to the next point. Your air conditioner won't have to work as hard when your home is naturally cooler. When installing solar film on your windows, you can realise immediate savings on your electricity bill.

It's also useful throughout the year, not only during the summer. In the winter, the solar window film aids in the retention of heat within your home. The fewer heat escapes, the lower your monthly energy expense will be. 

Preserve your Furniture

If you're not careful, the sun can swiftly harm your furnishings. When a couch is put near a window, many homeowners find that it loses its colour. Hardwood flooring, antique furniture, artwork, draperies, and other items can all be damaged by the sun.

You'll save money not only on your electricity bill but also by not having to replace your furnishings as frequently when you install a solar window tint. Furthermore, if your furniture is precious or an heirloom, being near a window can make you feel more at ease. 


Residential window film installation can help you prepare your windows for the impending summer heat. You're investing in comfort, energy efficiency, and sun protection when you buy window film. Contact the window tinting experts Tint By Masters for a free quotation and consultation!

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