How To Keep Your Home Cool And Comfortable All Year Long With Residential Window Tinting!
August 17, 2022

How To Keep Your Home Cool And Comfortable All Year Long With Residential Window Tinting!

Are you thinking about installing window tint to keep your house cooler? If your answer is yes, we must say that you have come to the right place! 

We have designed this comprehensive blog post to talk about this aspect and help you to gain a better understanding of this. So, all you need is to read this post from the start to the end to clear all your related confusion. Now, let's get started with it:

Residential Window Tint Installations Makes Your House Cool And Comfortable Than Before

Yes, it's true. Residential window tinting is known to be a great way in which you can keep your house cooler all around the year. It works by reducing the interior temperature of your home. 

It is pretty interesting to know that window tinting helps block heat and prevents its entry into your house. 

Residential window tint installations offer you more privacy and help minimize the amount of sunlight entering your home. And the ultimate result is a lower and more comfortable interior temperature. 

But you may not be aware of the mechanism by which the tinted windows make your space cooler. If this is the case, then don't be concerned anymore! In this detailed guide, we will let you know about these aspects. So, let's start discussing these details:

Understanding How Window Tint Helps In Blocking Unwanted Heat

Whenever you install the tinted film to the windows of your house, it aids in blocking most of the sun rays entering your home. Note that the film utilized in the tinting process is made of polyester. 

The topmost layer of the film again contains thin layers of dye along with small metal fragments. 

These are known to be incredibly effective in inhibiting solar heat gain. And the best part is that it allows the entry of a sufficient amount of light into your house, which helps save a lot on energy bills. 

A recent introduction to the window tinting sector is nano-carbon ceramic films. These are special types of the film made with ceramic and carbon particles. Again, these particles are known to possess more excellent heat-blocking capabilities. 

So, the films made by implementing this technology are amazing at blocking heat and offer outstanding visibility in a diverse range of outdoor lighting conditions. 

Due to its exceptional capability to retain its color, this type of film is known to last for several years. 

Now, you may be thinking about whether the window tint you are looking forward to buying for your house is effective at blocking heat and to what extent. Well, don't worry! 

You could quickly check this by looking at the light transmittance rating of the window tint you are focusing on buying. It is a great way to check the efficiency of a particular window tint before you go for residential window tint installations. 

For instance, if the windows of your house are not tinted, then it will transmit around 90 percent of the visible light. So, the VLT% of the glass is 90. It means that the untinted glass can only absorb about 5 percent of the light, suggesting that its VLA rating is 5. 

And the rest, 5 percent of the visible light, is reflected off the surface, offering it a VLR rating of 5. As a result, most of the visible light will enter your rooms, so the inside of your house will get hot. 

But note that the light transmittance rating will only help you know the percentage of the light being blocked by the window tint. But, this will not offer you any information related to the level of cooling the window tint tends to provide. 

Are Window Tints A Good Option To Choose For Your House?

The heat-blocking ability of tinted windows makes it an excellent option for your residential space. Tinted windows tend to have an extraordinary capability to block heat. 

By installing this, you could avoid the entry of harsh sun rays into your house. As a result, the inside temperature of your home remains on the lower side, which is considered to be its best part. 

It helps in saving a lot of energy bills. Not only does it make your house more comfortable, but it also helps in effectively protecting your health from the harsh UV rays of the sun. 

As per the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV radiation is known for causing non-melanoma skin cancer. So, by blocking 99.9 percent of the UV radiation, window tint film can protect you and your family members from the risk of skin cancer. 

Undoubtedly, the residential window tint installations will be a valuable investment for your house. So, if you still have not opted for this option, it is the right time to go for it to reap its excellent heat-blocking benefits. 

You will find the availability of many companies involved in offering residential window tinting services. But, your main goal should be to choose one dedicated to providing best-in-class assistance. 

Tint By Masters is one such residential window film installation service provider in Central Florida. At Tint By Masters, our team of expert professionals is known for offering the best quality of services. 

So, whenever you need any related assistance, you can directly reach us, and we will guide you throughout the process. 

Other Benefits Of Window Tint

Along with blocking heat, window tint also offers many other benefits. Some of these are as follows:

  • Works to reduce glare
  • Saves furniture
  • Offers improved privacy
  • Enhanced safety
  • Saves a lot on energy bills

Wrapping Up

All in all, residential window tinting helps keep your house cool and comfortable all year by blocking the heat entering your home. Installing this will also protect you and your family members from the risk of skin cancer as it inhibits the sun's UV rays. 

Have any further queries or concerns? If yes, you all need to get in touch with Tint By Masters today. 



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