Incredible Benefits of Solar Window Films For Residential Properties
October 6, 2021

Incredible Benefits of Solar Window Films For Residential Properties

Homeowners often neglect the importance of ‘windows’, but it’s one of the most significant assets of a property. From allowing morning sunshine to peek into the rooms to upgrading the aesthetics, these versatile windows play many roles in your home. 

Despite the multi-functionality factor, there are some areas where home windows would need an external upgrade to ensure optimum performance e.g. blocking sun rays and providing protection against harmful UV rays. Eliminating excess solar heat is also possible without disturbing the natural sunlight entering your space. That’s when the Solar window films come into play. 

"Solar window films, as believed by home and business owners across the globe, are your windows' best friends."

Contrary to popular belief, Solar window film installations are only an aesthetical upgrade. Along with enhancing the visual appeal of your home, these films offer several health, monetary and personal benefits. 

In this blog, we will look at six different ways' sun control window films can benefit your home.

7 Ways Solar Window Film Installations Can Improve Your Home 

Protection from the Sun's Harmful UV Rays 

According to IWFA news, most Americans are unaware of the detrimental health effects of UV rays. When not blocked, UV rays can enter your home and lead to skin and eye damage. 

Top-quality solar films can bring the sun protection ratio of your home up to 99.9% and ensure optimal protection for you and your family. These films will still allow ample sunlight to enter your home while blocking the harmful rays and preventing their hazardous effects. 

Protect Your Furniture and Interior

As mentioned in the above point, UV rays are notoriously harmful. These rays damage not only your eyes & skin but also your home interior. 

Fading of colors, ruined furniture, reduced aesthetic appeal, and harm to flooring are a few of several harmful effects of UV rays. Moreover, the intense sun also leads to the deterioration of wood and plastic.

Installing solar window films helps you avoid the risk of ruining your furniture & flooring. In addition, enhanced protection provided by these films will keep your furniture and sentimental items in perfect condition for years to come. 

Improved Temperature Control 

Since direct sun rays are blocked up to 20 degrees with solar film installations, your living space will become much more comfortable and easily controlled. 

Sun control window film will eliminate hot spots, allowing for more consistent indoor temperatures throughout your home. This will ensure that your abode is comfortable throughout the year without heavy reliance on your HVAC system.

Save Money With Reduced Energy Consumption

Both - rapidly ascending energy bills and carbon footprint are a significant concern for homeowners in Florida. Adding sun control to your home windows is an excellent choice to reduce your energy consumption and expenses. Let us see how. 

Despite their UV rays blocking feature, solar window tints allow ample natural sunlight into your home. Hence, you may not need to turn on artificial light during the daytime. Furthermore, high-quality tints deflect the majority of heat that comes through windows. This will minimize your AC consumption, if needed, bringing down your energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Create a Glare-Free Environment

'While we all love natural sunlight peeking through our windows, we despise the 'glare' that comes along with it. With solar control window films, you will minimize glare and enjoy a hindrance-free screen time. 

By lowering glare by up to 94 percent, solar control window films can create optimal conditions for several activities like watching TV, playing video, working, etc. 

 No more covering your pretty windows with boring blinds!

Extra Safety 

Albeit penetrable, solar security films are solid and add an extra layer of protection to your windows. Since they are made from heavy-duty polyester, solar protection window films will prevent your window from falling apart and hold the glass in place for a longer time. 

Whether it is a stray ball or a criminal trying to enter your home, these films will block them for a longer time, allowing you more time to take appropriate action. Eventually, it helps in warding off unwanted visitors.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Gone are the days when window tints used to be dull. Solar films are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs. 

Regardless of the shade, solar control films will add long-term value and beauty to your property. These films will give a brand new look from both inside and out. You enjoy increased privacy indoors and an improved exterior, which is an impressive factor for buyers when you plan to sell your home. 


We are sure that the multiple benefits mentioned above have convinced you that Solar Window Film Installations can be a valuable addition to a home. 

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