Post-Installation Tips To Maintain And Care For Your Commercial Window Film
October 10, 2022

Post-Installation Tips To Maintain And Care For Your Commercial Window Film

Maintaining commercial window film is relatively simple if the property owner takes the required precautions. Here are our best suggestions for keeping your window tinting as spotless as possible.

Window tinting offers many advantages, like fantastic energy savings, dependable security, and enticing décor. It's a wise investment for residential and commercial properties, including single-family homes, schools, offices, and retail establishments.

If this is your first time installing window film, you probably have questions about safety and maintenance. However, there isn't much cause for concern since window films require minimal care. Your window film can survive for ten to fifteen years or more with proper maintenance!

Irrespective of the type of window film you choose to decorate your premise with —decorative or privacy, it will significantly transform. The advantages of commercial window film installation could soon be lost if the window film is not adequately looked after. Nobody wants to wake up to a hazy or scratched window film, not customers or employees. 

That's because once you install a brand-new set of films for your office, the effort doesn't end. Maintenance of window film is simple if the property owner takes the required precautions. You can keep it looking as lovely as the first installation day with a bit of buffing. 

Here are our best suggestions for keeping your commercial window tinting as clean as possible.

Tips For Cleaning Your Commercial Windows Films

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Equipment

Films for windows are delicate and can get easily scratched. So, when cleaning them, it is essential to pay attention to the type of material used. Some towels have abrasive materials that can scuff even the most complex films. 

To clean your commercial window tint, choose a soft sponge or specialized microfiber cloth rather than paper towels. To remove water droplets, use the same substance; a soft squeegee can also work. Avoid using brushes, pointed objects, or abrasive sponges. If none of these items are available, rub the corner of the film with the most delicate cloth you can locate to see if it will scratch it. Finding the perfect kind of material only takes one attempt.

  • Clean With Safe Cleaning Solutions

There are many cleaning products on the market, and each company believes its product is the finest. To prevent foul odors and tint corrosion, only use cleaning agents marked "ammonia-free." Apply the solution with a spray and remove it with a soft sponge or microfiber towel. Stick to "totally liquid" cleaning products and steer clear of detergents that contain abrasives. Any household cleaning solution will help reduce the inconvenience of purchasing such cleansers.

  • Cleaning Your Commercial Window With The Grain

It's crucial to clean your commercial window films in the same direction as the cuts on their edges. You might clean vertically on the sides while cleaning horizontally on the top and bottom. A decorative window will likely feature some form of pattern. To prevent scratches, move by the pattern lines rather than against them. The same holds for big windows with seams because it stops you from unintentionally lifting the edge.

Maintenance Tips For Commercial Window Film

  • Allot Ample Time For Curing

If your film has recently been installed, it's crucial to know that for it to stay as long and be as effective as your office building, the tint needs to cure fully. The type and benefits of commercial window film installed, where the window is located inside the structure, and the weather will affect how long it takes to cure. 

Any hurried cleaning can leave behind a trapped liquid that forms bubbles and gives the window a faintly hazy appearance. Do not worry if this occurs even after giving the film adequate time to cure. It will eventually go away. The specialist who installed the film will tell you how long it will take to heal fully, but as a general guideline, you should wait at least 20 days before cleaning your windows. Commercial windows that are bigger might require more time to cure.

  • Think About Getting Commercial Window Film With A Lifetime Warranty.

Window films can, of course, last a long period with careful care. However, they also require replacement at some point. Commercial window films have an average lifespan of 10-15 years. While some manufacturers provide lifetime guarantees, others only give 5-year warranties. Choose the latter because maintaining your window films will benefit you greatly.

  • Stick To The Recommended Maintenance Practices

Commercial window film installation providers should advise how to handle the windows to prevent unnecessary damage after your new window films are applied. For example, never put too much pressure on your window tints since this could alter their appearance. While cleaning, apply moderate pressure without going too far. 

Films may contain bubbles, particularly during the curing process. At this point, bubbles are entirely normal and even considered a necessary element of the drying process. By popping the bubbles, you create a space for the liquid between the commercial window film and the window. Aside from that, refrain from popping any water bubbles you see. If it does, get in touch with the business that installed the film immediately so they can look.

Finally, it is crucial to avoid wearing dirty clothing. It would help if you didn't clean both sides of the window with the same towel because the filth on the inside and outside is the same. Ensure that none of your supplies include any grit or dirt that could scratch the film.

  • Don't Use Steam Cleaning

Although some advice using this technique, it is not recommended for window films in a commercial building. The link between your window and its films will be quickly weakened by steam. However, it is an excellent cleaner and works well with office furniture and other goods. So, if you use steam to clean a space, keep it away from your windows until the moisture dissipates. 

End Note!

The tips mentioned above are excellent for various window films on the market. This post is intended to help with some of the typical issues related to window films and their maintenance. Although tinted windows film requires proper care, a little cleaning can increase their longevity, keep them appearing clean, and maintain them in good condition for as long as possible. 

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