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We install residential 3M window films that make excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, unreliable security or privacy a thing of the past.

Enjoy expert 3M home window tint installations that get rid of solar reflective issues such as cracking, grazing, peeling; adhesion issues such as blistering, bubbling or delamination; as well as discoloration issues.

Commercial Window Film

Adding window 3M Window Film to your commercial building’s glass is a simple way to give your business or industrial space a facelift. You can choose from various commercial film options depending on which film benefits you the most.

Scientifically proven backed by a strong warranty, 3M’s Commercial Window Film, architectural, and glass finishes provide offer a variety of benefits solutions for any business.

Security Window Film

Increase your property value and know that you're safe behind 3M Security Film protected glass windows. With our film your view stays intact and you also protect your prized assets from any robber who has decided he wants to break into windows that pack a punch. Rely on professional-grade 3M™ Security Film to keep your space protected from unexpected dangers.

Talk to us about our 3M Security Film to make sure your glass doors and windows are keeping you safe.

Solar Window Film

Allow only the required visible light to enter while eliminating excess solar heat. We utilize layer upon layer of exceptional nanotech films to provide the best UV and glare protection from the Central Florida sun.

Tint By Masters installs 3M Solar Window Film designed to reduce heat, improve comfort, and, block harmful UV rays. Learn more today about how it can lower your energy bill, help prevent fading on your furniture, and block that hot Orlando sun out where it's needed.

Decorative Window Film

Get a new, stylish look with 3M Architectural and Glass Finishes. These design films are ideal for office remodeling.

3M’s glass finishes give the look of frosted, etched or sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Meanwhile, cover your tables, counters, shelves or walls with 3M’s architectural finishes.

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Let Our Decades Of Experience Help You Make The Right Choice


Our sales team and Installers have decades of experience


We Are A 3M Platinum Prestige Dealer, We Use The Best Materials, tools, and techniques when installing window film.


Our Team Is Always Ready To Help. No Matter If You Need More Information, Or Know Exactly What You Want.


We Offer Free Estimates To Ensure You Completely Understand The Value Of A 3M Window Film Installation By Tint By Masters.

Let Our Decades Of Experience Help You Make The Right Choice
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Your Central Florida Experts In 3M Window Film Since 1985

We strive to keep our clients satisfied, informed, and happy from start to finish with our services. Take a look at some of the benefits of these 3M Window Film Applications.

Here’s to making every room a living room.

Live comfortably in every room of your home with 3M™ Window Films. Whether you're concerned about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, we have a window film to help you enhance the comfort of your home.

We're here to help you find the right solution, and install it for you too. Call us today at (407) 521-0920 to learn more.


Comfort and protection — all in a day’s work.

3M was issued the first sun control window film patent in 1966, and they have continued to innovate window film products to help provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays for over 50 years.

Today, millions of square feet of 3M™ Window Film have been installed all around the world. Let us upgrade your building with 3M™ Window Film, and you’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come. Call us today at (407) 521-0920 to learn more.

Protective Window Film - Be safe. Be secure. Be sure.

The world can be a dangerous place — not everyone has the best intentions. Fortunately, you can help protect your building and your business against break-ins, vandalism ,and bomb blasts with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems.

Call us today at (407) 521-0920 to learn more.

Commercial building

Be Comfortable, Save Money. All Year Long.

Do your windows let in too much heat from the summer sun? Does winter’s frigid cold seem to seep right through the glass? If you have to avoid certain areas of your home when the seasons change, it’s time to take back your space by getting the temperature under control all while keeping your view. Save on heating and cooling costs year round.

3M™ Window Films can help reduce excessive heat gain during the summer and help keep heat from the sun in during the winter months. Call us today at (407) 521-0920 to learn more

Add A Stylish Look To Any Space With Decorative Film.

Transform home or office spaces with 3M Decorative Film options for your home or business from Orlando’s window film experts, Tint By Masters.

Decorative window film provides architects, interior designers, and owners with an impressive selection of creative options. Decorative window film applications include a variety of things to help drastically change the way an office or bathroom may look.  Call us today at (407) 521-0920 to learn more.

Backed by a 3M Manufature Warranty

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