3M Warranty Promise For Central Florida Residents

We Cover All Labor and Materials.

Purchase your new window film with confidence, backed by the 3M Warranty Promise. Tint By Masters is a licensed 3M Dealer which means we will replace any film and provide the labor 100% free of charge.

Maintaining Their Solar Properties

Worried about sun damage? Don’t be. 3M window film is engineered to withstand harmful UV rays while still allowing plenty of natural light. No bubbling, peeling, or cracking.

Many Warranty Options

Depending on the type of film you purchase, there’s a warranty that will fit you perfectly. From 2 years to 10 years to 15 years to lifetime, talk with aTint By Masters expert to learn which warranty plan you qualify for.

3M Window Film installed by Tint By Masters in Orlando Florida

Protecting Commercial or Residential Property owners

3M products are equally effective for commercial and residential property owners, and our warranties cover any purpose.

3M Window Film installed by Tint By Masters in Orlando Florida

Valid for as Long as You Live There.

For residential applications, the 3M Warranty remains intact for as long as the resident owns and lives in the property.

3M Window Film installed by Tint By Masters on a residential home

Long-Term Commercial Warranties.

Commercial installations typically come with a 6-15 year warranty depending on the type of window film that’s installed.

House With Window Film Rendering

Unprecedented Durability.

3M materials are known to last a while, and their window film is no different. Despite constant irritation from the Florida sun, you can rest easy knowing that your window film will never falter.

Avoid Discoloration

Maintain appearances over the years without your window quality going downhill. Your 3M window film can withstand all kinds of solar abuse and it will retain its quality over many years.

Say No to Annoying Bubbles

Cheap window film can create a bubbling effect that causes windows to look tarnished. 3M materials will remain pure even years after installation.

Still Not Convinced?

Contact Tint By Masters to learn more about your specific warranty options and anything else you need to know about our 3M window film.

Call our team at (407) 521-0920, and get your warranty questions answered right away.