7 Unique Features of Commercial Window Films
February 17, 2023

7 Unique Features of Commercial Window Films


A profitable business is not just the result of services offered by the company, efforts of employees, and higher satisfaction level of customers. Instead, companies also need to invest in increasing the features and functionality of its building. And one effective way to do the same is installing Commercial Window Films. Different types of window films will not only enhance the aesthetics of a building but also help you increase the comfort and longevity of the interior.

Traditionally window films were used just in vehicles, but now they are also used in properties as a significant investment because of several benefits. From adding another layer of shade to providing privacy and security, Window Films are a great way to upgrade and improve your properties.

Read further to learn the unique features of commercial window films and how to choose the best one.

Why Do You Need Commercial Window Films In Your Space?

When you imagine a commercial building, you will visualize a building with several stories and windows everywhere to provide a more open feel to the staff working there. Aesthetically it's more pleasing than practical. More windows present more opportunities for light, heat, and privacy concerns.

It is when the importance of Commercial Window Films comes into the picture. The window films installed by a professional commercial Window Film Service - Tint By Masters – can offer myriad benefits. From reducing glare and increasing privacy to protecting against UV rays and maintaining comfortable temperatures, professionally installed window films provide several advantages to the properties.

Seven Unique Features Of Commercial Window Films

Below given are the unique features that Commercial Window Films can offer to commercial properties:

  1. Energy Conservation and Saving on Energy Bills

In summer, when the sun beats down, around 26% to 30% of the energy in a facility escapes through windows

In addition, large HVAC systems continuously run to keep the commercial building, leading to higher energy bills. One cost-effective solution is to install Window Films to the window glass. These commercial window films will add insulation to the window glass, blocking the harmful sun rays and heat from entering the building. 

High-performance window films can filter around 50% to 75% of solar heat transfer into the business premises. Since heat is blocked, the room temperatures will be cooler, minimizing air conditioners' use and lowering the building's energy bills.

  1. Security and Privacy

Unfortunately, commercial buildings are more prone to accidents and vandalism. Therefore, another primary function of Commercial Window Films is to protect the building from further damage. 

Premium quality window films are a protective layer when the glass is damaged or shattered. They can hold even the most minor pieces of glass in their position until the window is replaced. It further reduces the risk of injury to the people working in or visiting the building while making cleanup much more effortless.

Moreover, window films and tints are specifically designed to increase the privacy of the properties. When holding meetings with clients involving sensitive information, window films will make it difficult for people to see through it, ensuring the clients' comfort.

  1. Allows Natural Light

If a building has blinds, closing them will need more light fixtures for a productive and safe environment. However, the longer lights stay on, the higher will be the electricity bill. In such a case, consider installing window films. 

The high-performing commercial window films will block sun rays while letting ample natural light enter the building. It means that now you can have natural light in the building and lower the electricity bill.

  1. UV Damage Reduction

Applying the window films will protect the building against UV rays that can negatively affect health. For instance, UV rays cause eye disorders, such as cataracts and retinal tissue damage. Moreover, the rays can cause premature skin aging and damage and negatively affect the immune system.

Working in a building exposed to harmful UV rays for a longer period can lead to severe health conditions like skin cancer. Installing quality commercial window films can protect employees and valuable equipment against UV rays.

  1. Reduce Glare Effect

The glare coming from the sun might cause people to squint their eyes. Although this seems like a more harmless and common thing to do, continuous squinting promotes premature skin aging. 

Moreover, the glare can also make people uncomfortable working inside commercial buildings. It can further reduce their productivity. Window films can help reduce glare that will protect your eyes and skin.

  1. Decorative Touch to Your Commercial Space

Commercial Window Films are available in various styles and solid colors that can add a distinct look to the commercial space. Moreover, high-quality tints can increase the curb appeal of a building by giving it a sharp and sleek look. As a result, your business facility will appear more professional to visitors and passersby.

In addition, business owners can customize window films to any shape. For instance, they can customize the company's logo or the city's skyline on the large glass partitions. If you want something more unique, opt for decorative patterns, customized or fiber-inspired designs, and colored tints.

  1. No Additional Maintenance

Unlike curtains and blinds, commercial window films will not require any additional maintenance after installation. Once the films are entirely cured to the glass, the windows can be cleaned and maintained as they were before the film installation.

To enjoy all these benefits, you will need to invest in premium quality products installed by an experienced company- Tint By Masters. The U.S.-based window film company is known for improving commercial and residential properties by offering high-quality commercial Window Film Services.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Window Film?

Now that you want the best for your commercial building, know the tips for choosing the best Commercial Window Films.

  • Knowing Different Types of Commercial Window Film

You should know different types of window film options to select the right one for your commercial building.

  • Privacy Window Film

The privacy Window Films will be the best option if you look forward to adding more privacy and security to the business facility. With privacy window film or frosted windows, it will become impossible for the people outside to see and figure out what's going on inside the office or building. 

Another impressive feature of this window film is that it still being around 80% of sunlight through windows, even with its high-quality protective features.

  • Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Anti-graffiti window film is a top choice for commercial spaces, especially brick-and-motor shops. Since the vandalism has increased, installing these Commercial Window Films is the only right to protect the building's glass surfaces from potential attacks. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution to protect the glass from paint, marking, scratching, and acid-etching damage. 

  • Clear Safety Film

A business owner wanting to provide invisible protection to his building should opt for a clear safety film as it transforms the windows into an invisible barrier. This option is excellent for protecting people against injuries and damage caused by smash-and-grab intruders, glass breakage, and other similar attacks.

  • Solar Window Film

Solar window films are an ideal solution to reduce the impact of the sun and its UV rays on commercial buildings. In addition, these window films can help reduce the heat entering the space, protecting staff, visitors, and furnishings in your premises. 

  • Consider Maintenance Requirements

It's not worth investing in commercial window films that are difficult to maintain, leading to increased maintenance costs. Easy-to-maintain window films will help in saving cost and time. You can save costs as you will not have to hire professional commercial window cleaning services repeatedly. And time can be saved by cleaning the window films using detergent and water.

  • Consider Your Protection

One of the primary purposes of installing a window film is to protect people from harmful UV rays and glare effects. Increased exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, eye problems, sunburns, and other illnesses. So, consider asking the manufacturer or installer to provide commercial window films that protect the staff and visitors against UV rays.

  • Consult an Expert

Although different types of window film options are available for commercial buildings, you can reap maximum benefits only by consulting professional commercial Window Film Services

Unfortunately, many fake commercial window films are available out there. Tint By Masters has years of experience using the best-in-class products and materials to ensure that your windows withstand the test of time. So, consulting them allows you to make the right decision and get value for your money. 

  • Know the Prices

Different types of commercial window films will have varying prices. Knowing their prices beforehand can save you from overspending and staying within the budget determined by the company. So, compare the costs from multiple sellers and choose the reasonably priced ones.


The windows in the commercial space are critical elements, and you will want them to protect your staff, visitors, and items inside the building. You can do the same by choosing suitable Commercial Window Films. From getting enough protection to enhancing the aesthetics of the commercial building, a credible company can help you select the best Window Films for your property.

Tint By Masters is a reputable company that offers unparalleled commercial Window Film Services. The company's team will work with you to get the right look and style for your building.

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