How Can Residential Window Film Reduce Heat Gain & Temperature Control?
July 25, 2022

How Can Residential Window Film Reduce Heat Gain & Temperature Control?

Natural light is a critical part of our lives. But, one often refrains from letting it in because of the heat that accompanies the light. While the shining sun provides us with the needed warmth and keeps our homes and offices well-lit, it can also cause the temperature to rise beyond a comfortable level. 

Equipping your commercial or residential window film installations with heat control films can significantly reduce the heat pouring into your home/business. And, it does so without blocking the light! 

These versatile film installations are available in diverse varieties and cater to various sun protection needs. They also improve energy saving and block harmful U.V. rays and headache-causing glare from entering through your windows. 

Although these films are already popular worldwide, the most common question in people's minds is how are windows supposed to block heat and glare? In this blog, we have answered the question and mentioned other incredible ways you will benefit from window film installations. Read along to know more…

What Are Heat Rejection Films?

As the name suggests, heat rejection films are advanced window films designed specifically to block the sun's heat and glare from passing through the glass. These are available in a wide range of grades and exterior outlooks, and each offers a different level of heat reduction. 

These solar control films are reflective and bounce away the sun's solar energy before it enters the room and raises the temperature. This significantly improves energy efficiency and brings down overall electricity costs. 

They are long-term investments that add significantly to the value of your commercial or personal property. Moreover, they are also easy to install, long-lasting and highly secure. 

How Do Heat Control Films Work?

Solar control window films are tinted or reflective solutions that reflect and bounce away a portion of solar energy, preventing it from entering the premises. They act as a barrier between your window and the sun's rays. 

However, these residential window film installations do not entirely stop sunlight from crossing your home and business windows. On a warm day, you can still enjoy natural light and pleasant temperature without the annoying glare and excessive heat spoiling the inner atmosphere. 

In short, these films are designed to cut off solar energy to prevent heat's steady, intense build-up.  

What Are The Types Of Heat Reduction Films?

Solar control films are available in many different levels of protection and aesthetics. However, the two major distinctions are as follows - 

Solar control films: These films block 99% of the sun's heat and keep the temperature from rising excessively. Residential window film installations of this category are ideal for homes with huge windows and direct sunlight. 

Reflective Films: They are primarily installed for their ability to elevate the exterior appearance of homes and offices. It makes the window more reflective, blocking heat and the prying eyes of outsiders. 

What Are The Benefits Of Heat Reduction Films? 

1. Allows You To Retain Benefits Of Natural Light 

Natural light offers a plethora of benefits to humankind. It helps you feel energetic, improves focus and keeps the home and work environment warm and comfortable. However, when this light is accompanied by heat and glare, we are often forced to close down the blinds or turn up the air conditioning, which increases energy usage. 

Window films allow you to leave the blinds and curtains open without worrying about heat and glare. They keep your home comfortable all year round and reduce your dependence on A.C. and heaters. Moreover, U.V. rays are also blocked by these window films, offering you a chance to relish the maximal benefits of natural light without skin damage or furniture & flooring impairment. 

2. Reduction Of Glare

As a barrier between the window glass and the sun, the window films block the glare of sun rays. It is similar to car window tinting, only more long-lasting and robust. 

From inside your house or business, you are viewing the outside world through two panes of glass: one that is tinted and one that is transparent on top of it. It is simpler to look outside through this double glass without the sun rays disrupting your vision.

3. Better Energy Efficiency

During summers, heat can invade your home and make room temperatures uncomfortable, increasing the pressure on your cooling systems and negatively impacting energy efficiency. 

By blocking a certain frequency of sunlight and filtering out U.V. rays, residential window films lower the heat accumulation and indoor temperatures. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures in all seasons. 

4. Enhanced Privacy 

Homes & businesses are often prey to prying eyes and unwanted attention if the curtains are open. Window films reduce the visibility from the outside while allowing you clear vision from the inside. 

In offices, it helps protect sensitive data and is an important asset when holding confidential client meetings. In addition, it keeps the burglars from lurking around your premises- since they cannot see what is inside, they wouldn't risk planning a theft. And since these films add an extra layer of protection to your windows, they also make it difficult for thieves to break. Ultimately they enhance both the safety and privacy of your residential and commercial premises. 

5. Incredible Return On Investment

The amount of money home and business owners spend on their air conditioning during the summer is one of the essential criteria in determining whether they should invest in window films. To calculate a product's return on investment (ROI), you must consider how much money you save using it (return on investment). 

Let's take the case where a homeowner pays $300 a month for air conditioning during the summer. He will save $30 per month, or $360 per year if he installs solar control window film on his windows and reduces his cooling expenditures by 10%. The return on investment for this venture would be around 20%.

These are robust, sustainable instalments that require minimal maintenance and repair. Install once, and you can enjoy multiple benefits it offers for years and years to come!

Concluding Note 

Commercial and Residential window film installations are worth every penny you spend after them. They reduce heat and glare, elevate the building's exterior appearance and facilitate better protection from U.V. Rays, prying eyes and burglary! Indeed, they are amongst a property owner's best investments. 

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