How to Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger
August 23, 2018

How to Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger

If you want to make your small bathroom appear bigger, there are many fun tricks that will do the job. Instead of spending a fortune renovating your space, go ahead and work with what you have. By emphasizing a few features, your bathroom will feel roomier right away.

Natural Light

It is important to use lots of natural light to help your space feel larger. By having a window in your bathroom or a skylight, you can help your space feel like it is part of the great outdoors. Along with adding the beauty of the outdoors, natural light will help your room to look more cheerful and bright as well. If the bathroom you’re working on is in the basement, Rockwell recommends, “'use the bathroom window and maximize the natural light. Use curtains that will still allow light in and change your dark metal window well out for a lightly colored window well that is more aesthetically pleasing.”

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can be a fantastic investment if you want your space to appear larger. You can have a huge mirror above your bathroom vanity. Carla Aston explains, “Nothing makes a bathroom feel grander than a mirror that reaches to the ceiling. Trimmed out in wood or tile, a tall, expansive mirror with lighting installed on top of it, or hanging in front of it, will double the light's impact and make the space grow. “ You can also hang up decorative mirrors around your bathroom to help your space look larger than it really is.

Glass Bathroom Shower Doors

If you have ever used shower curtains, you know how they can close in your space. By having a glass door installed, your bathroom will keep on going instead of being separated by a curtain. This fun feature can help you to show off all of your bathroom. McGillivray says, “glass shower doors are splash proof, they have great ROI, and they make bathrooms look much bigger than they really are. They remove the visual obstruction of the curtain and make the room feel open and airy.”

Declutter Your Space

If your bathroom is on the small side, adding a lot of items to it can make your space feel cluttered. Move out large things that you do not need. Make good use of your vanity drawers as well. According to MakeSpace, you need to get rid of old medications that are cluttering your medicine cabinet, make sure you only have the things you use every day on your counter, store things smarter, and even use a tray organizer if you want added drawer organization. You do not want to have a lot of items just sitting around that will make your room feel even more cramped. By decluttering your bathroom, you can help it to feel neater and larger.

Make Use of Your Wall Space

Instead of having a lot of furniture in your bathroom, use your walls for extra space. The DIY Network says that you can add a shelf or two in your bathroom to put items neatly so that you have as much floor room as you need. This will give the impression of a larger room since you will have all the leg room you need.

Your small bathroom can seem larger if you make the most of what you have. By adding as much natural light as possible, mirrors, and a glass shower door, your bathroom can feel much larger than it really is. If you declutter your space and add wall shelves, your room will appear bigger quickly and easily.

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