Solar Window Tint Installations: The Whole Kit and Caboodle
January 7, 2022

Solar Window Tint Installations: The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Fancy reduced utility bills, temperature regulation, glare reduction, and furniture protection from harmful UV rays? Solar window tint installation offers all that and more! 

The comfort of our workspace or living space is paramount in keeping our stress levels to a minimum, which is why we are constantly striving for ways to enhance the comfort of our commercial or residential properties.

Window tint installations are inexpensive and efficient alternatives to complete window replacements. They enable you to control the amount of solar heat entering your space without compromising natural lighting. 

So, if you are considering availing the wide range of benefits offered by window tint installations, read on!

What is Solar Window Tinting?

Solar window film, also known as home window tint, is a thin solar film that protects your residential or commercial spaces from solar heat, harmful UV rays and offers a wide range of benefits. Solar window film resembles the standard automotive window tint.

It helps block ultraviolet rays from creeping in and causing furniture to fade, damaging your skin and affecting your eyesight. Solar window tint installations enable you to control heat flow in your home without cutting back on the natural light. 

Window tints come in all shapes and sizes. There can primarily be classified into three types depending on their usage and speciality:


Privacy and security tints are ideal for homeowners or office owners to protect themselves against window breakage, which can be caused by a break-in, burglary, or natural disaster. 


Decorative window films, as the name suggests, aim at boosting the curb appeal and appearance of your space.


Solar films are the thickest of them all, offering energy bill reduction by regulating temperature in your commercial or residential properties. Solar window films ensure that temperature is controlled all over your space, keeping your home warm during the winters and cold during the summer without any hot or cold spots.

Solar window films protect your furniture, carpets, and valuables from fading caused by harsh UV rays. They are available in neutral tones of copper or silver. 

The Prime Benefits Of Solar Window Tints

Unparalleled Comfort

The film of your choice decides the strength of screening it offers, with solar films blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays and reducing glare significantly. Sunlight causes damage to wood furniture, upholstery, drapes, curtain, rugs, and flooring, which solar window tint installations can prevent.

Window tint installations can minimise harsh sunlight while preserving your valuables and improving the comfort of your home. Window tint installations help improve the overall quality of life for you and your family.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Window tint installations can help enhance your residential and commercial space's appearance. Window films come in various colours that offer a sophisticated, futuristic look with natural shades that can warm up your room. 

You can choose a window film that offers both heat reduction goals as well as enhancement of your home's exterior.

Stay Safe

Window films boost the structural integrity of your windows. Security window films hold glass shards from flying everywhere in case of a break-in. 

Security and privacy films are specially designed to bond to the window, ensuring shattered glass remains in place. Additionally, tint films offer glare reduction and block UV rays.


Current window films are designed to be used in residential and commercial tint installations. Businesses and homes need energy-efficient windows; window films help cut back on energy costs. 

Tint By Masters has a collection of exemplary window tints offering extreme energy savings by reducing electricity consumption for HVAC. Our solar window tints can:

  • Block up to 63% of heat from the Florida sun;
  • Block 99.9% of harmful UV rays;
  • Reduce up to 62% of sun glare.

Things To Keep In Mind 


If you consider getting window film installed on your property, you must check the warranty with your window manufacturer. Some window manufacturers discourage window tinting due to the added thermal stress in some cases, which can lead to window damage. 

Make sure you contact your window manufacturer and ask them about their take on tinted windows and how it would affect your existing warranty.

Check Compatibility

Depending on the type of glass used in your window decides the amount of heat absorbed. Certain types of window tints are incompatible with certain kinds of windows, which need to be checked before getting window films installed.

Decorative and security films block very little heat, accounting for minimal thermal wear and tear. Usually, you can use all three types of window films; however, solar films require due diligence due to their high heat absorption rate.

It is especially true in the case of windows that have tinted annealed glass of more than ¼ inch of thickness, making them a bad fit for solar films. An insulated glass over ten years of age with sealant problems and annealed glass with a heat absorption rate over ⅜ inch of thickness is incompatible with solar films. 

Consult your window manufacturer before selecting the suitable window film for your commercial or residential properties.


In case of a damaged window frame, window film won't do much for you. It is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of your window before considering window tint installation. Remember, that window film doesn't insulate argon gas.

Generally, warranties on most window films last for five years, with the window films lasting for about 10 to 15 years on average. As far as regular maintenance of window films is concerned, you can do your regular window cleaning routine without worrying about ruining the movie. It would be wise to keep in mind that you avoid any harsh or abrasive cleaning products.


Now that you have gone through this comprehensive guide to solar window tinting, the next step is choosing a well-qualified window tint installer. 

Tint By Masters can help you with all your window tinting needs, from helping you choose the proper film for your property to ensuring you understand all the benefits associated with it.

Tint By Masters is a leading window tint provider for commercial and residential properties. They have a team of highly skilled window installers that can guide you through every step of the way. 

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