Why Window Tinting is an Investment in your Office's Security
January 29, 2018

Why Window Tinting is an Investment in your Office's Security


You might already have a video surveillance and alarm system in place for your office building. You may even have hired security guards. But are you really doing enough to protect your business? When crime and severe weather are both so prevalent, it pays to be extra cautious. Savvy business owners have invested in safety glass to give their offices an extra layer of protection. Consider talking to a security window film company serving Orlando to learn more about the benefits for your business.

Protection from Vandalism and Theft

Why Window Tinting Is an Investment in Your Office's Security

Glass-covered buildings are beautiful, and few things are more impressive to high-end clients than being greeted by a wall of expansive windows with a great view. But glass is also a major security risk, as anyone can break it with little effort. In the best case scenario, burglars will only vandalise your office and steal some equipment. The worst case scenario is if the building is occupied at the time, and your employees or clients suffer physical harm during the burglary. Security window film helps protect your business from vandalism, theft, and violence by minimizing shattering. This can give your security guards or the police enough time to respond to the security breach.

Protection from Severe Weather Events

The threat of property damage and inventory loss due to severe weather is something that Florida business owners have learned to live with, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for it. With security glass film that minimises shattering, your windows are less likely to be breached and provide an entry point for gale-force winds. A durable window coating can also protect the building’s occupants from injuries caused by dangerously sharp glass shards.

Protection from Privacy Violations

Some businesses handle sensitive information, or have publicly visible clients who demand a firm commitment to privacy. One way that your business can meet these obligations is by having the windows coated with security film. Choose highly reflective window film to limit the ability of passersby to peer into the windows. Your clients will appreciate your dedication to their privacy.

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