Why you should install security window film
February 3, 2022

Why you should install security window film

Glass is one of the most common and versatile materials in the building industry. However, this material leaves vulnerable points in your house or office for intruders to gain entry. Anyone can break glass easily with normal objects such as rock, iron, etc. Having too many glass windows in an office or home can also be a problem. Windows could pose security as well as safety and health risk, mainly due to how easily glass material can break.

In order to enhance security, many people utilise security window films. These types of security films help to increase security by strengthening regular glasses. Security window films are used to protect against accidents, break-ins, terrorist bomb attacks, vandalism, and natural disasters. They are utilised in homes, banks, fire and police stations, schools, public spaces, offices, art galleries, luxury retail stores or boutiques, museums, etc.

Top 8 reasons to consider security window film  

There are different benefits of security window film installation, and some of them are given below:

Protect from injury

One of the main reasons why you would get a security window film installed is because it can protect you from injury. Broken pieces of glass can lead to serious injuries and cuts. A storm, break-in or accident can break your glass into small pieces. When you have a window security film installed, it will hold the small pieces of glass together and prevent injury. This type of film is designed with powerful adhesives to keep shattered pieces together.    

Burglary prevention

Glass windows and doors are the most common target of burglars because they can break them and gain entry without any extra affords. Security window film installation can help prevent burglaries and break-ins. With a security window film, it is difficult to break the glass. This type of security film comes in different thicknesses. So if an intruder attempts to break in, the sound can be heard.  


Tempered glass and other security alternatives are expensive compared to window security film installation. Applying this security film to your existing window is cheaper than paying to replace the whole window glass.  


If your office or home windows are close to a busy area or public street, security window tint installation can help you enhance your privacy. These types of security films offer you an extra layer of seclusion. You can also install etched window film inside your residence for extra privacy. 

Intruders may also look for indicators that someone is home alone, or the office is empty. With security film, it becomes near impossible for burglars to check the target or understand which rooms are empty.

Protect against accidents and natural disasters

Windows security films can protect from broken glasses when an accident occurs. Accidents like earthquakes or storms can cause the glass to shatter, break and blow out entirely.

Security films can absorb the shock and are strong enough to stay in place during a natural disaster. The anti-break quality of window security films increases the safety of your office and home. It also decreases the risk of potential injuries from sharp glass pieces and minimises the chances of causing other property damage.  


Window security films stop glass from shattering. It also makes the glass more difficult to break by increasing its strength. It means intruders will have to utilize a more considerable amount of force to gain entry.  

Protect from UV rays

Ultraviolet light from the sun can damage equipment, furniture, interiors of houses and people. You can utilize window security film to block UV rays. This type of film will help you protect your furniture, fabrics and artwork from fading and discolouration. A high-quality window film can block 60-80% of UV rays from reaching your interior.

Control Temperature

Window security tint installation can block sunlight and decrease energy expenditures that cause houses and offices to heat up in summer. It will only allow the perfect amount of sunlight into your room and manage the temperature.

Final words

Those are the benefits security window film offers and why installing it in both commercial and residential buildings is an ideal option. Whether you have a commercial space or you are a new homeowner, security and safety film is always a priority. Security window film installation is a hassle-free and cost-effective solution that will give you peace of mind that your home or office is as safe as it can be. It is a suitable and cost-effective option for your existing security system.  

With the right security film, you can improve the security and safety of your house and office. If you are looking for security window tint installation, Tint By Master can help you. Our highly trained and qualified experts offer high-quality security tint installation services for residential and commercial spaces. Contact us to request a free quote today.

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