Will Window Film Reduce My Energy Bill?
February 22, 2022

Will Window Film Reduce My Energy Bill?

According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling make for 48 percent of a home's energy costs. This is a significant sum of money.

Is window insulating film effective? Yes, when appropriately applied, window film can help you save money on your energy bills. But don't just start slapping any old film on your windows. There are a variety of window films – sometimes known as window tint if opaque or reflective – available, each with its own set of uses. 

Residential Window Film can be utilised for a variety of purposes, including aesthetics, energy efficiency, security, and privacy. With so many possibilities, homeowners must choose the right window film for the job and apply it appropriately and carefully. 

Tinted windows can be an essential part of the equation if you're searching for ways to lower your energy bills and increase the comfort level in your house while simultaneously becoming "green" by lowering your carbon footprint. Window tint can reduce heat gain while simultaneously lowering the amount of UV rays that enter your home, putting your family at risk. 

Here are a few reasons why Window Film is a Wise Investment for your home!

Reduces Cooling Costs By As Much As 50%

Glass makes up around 15% of the wall area in a typical home in the form of windows. This percentage increases as the desire for natural light grows. Unfortunately, as glass is a poor insulator, money spent on energy is practically wasted as it passes right through those windows.

In fact, Residential window film installation is one of the most effective strategies to prevent energy loss and reduce heat absorption during the summer. The film will help keep the warm air inside your home when you switch from cooling to heating. In fact, depending on the type of window tinting you pick, you can minimise heat gain in your home by as much as 80%, saving you up to 50% on cooling costs.

Reduce Dangerous UV Ray Exposure

Not only can window film reduce heat input in your home, but UV window film can also reduce the amount of UV exposure your family receives inside. The sunshine shining through your windows, if not properly protected, might expose you to harmful UV rays, increasing your risk of skin cancer. 

Since more than 4 million cases of skin cancer are identified in the United States each year, blocking UV rays as much as possible would be advantageous. UV-filtering films are an essential safety feature because they can block up to 99 percent of UV radiation from entering your house. 

Tax Credits Help You Save on Window Film 

If you believe that tinted windows might benefit your family, you'll be happy to learn that you may save money on your tinting by taking advantage of tax credits. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided tax breaks for energy-efficient house upgrades. One of these enhancements is the use of energy-efficient tinting. Simply by investing in energy-saving window tinting for your home, you might save hundreds of dollars in taxes. The energy savings you realise over time will allow you to return your initial expenditure considerably faster due to the tax advantage. 


Glare reduction is another significant advantage of house window tinting. Many individuals consider this in vehicles, but not in their houses or businesses. You may enjoy every room with tinted home windows by opening shades and curtains. You may enjoy natural light and views of the outdoors while still avoiding glare. 

Privacy and Security

Tinted windows can also provide privacy to your home without the need for shades or drapes because of their darker shading. It allows you to see out while preventing passers-by from peering inside. This can help deter theft and other forms of crime while also providing a natural sense of security around your home. 

Benefits of Professional Installation

Many aftermarket tinting materials are available, and DIY home projects are becoming increasingly popular. You might be tempted to scrimp on house window tinting, but there are several reasons to be cautious.

If you're thinking about tinting your windows for any of the reasons listed above, you'll want to be sure you purchase a reputable product and that it's done correctly. This will be ensured if you choose an expert. A reputable installation can provide all of the benefits listed above while staying within your budget. 

Tint By Masters is a leading provider of commercial and residential window tinting services. We have a team of skilled window installers that can install solar, security, privacy, or decorative window film, among other things. Contact us immediately to take advantage of residential window film. 

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