Will Window Tinting Result In A Colder Home During The Winter?
November 9, 2022

Will Window Tinting Result In A Colder Home During The Winter?

It's getting cold outside, and it's that time of year! We have all been in a situation where it is cold out and we keep adjusting the thermostat to the ideal setting. Assuming that they are effectively warming their home with sunlight, some residents will open and close the curtains at specific times of the day. It is all for nothing because the heater runs nonstop. 

Over the winter, this is the most frequent question we receive. Residential window tinting is considered to offer a range of advantages to homeowners. The most typical of these is diminished heat. But shouldn't we increase the heat throughout the winter instead of decreasing it? Yes is the apparent response. Fortunately, window tint won't result in a cooler home during the winter.

There is a better solution! As a homeowner, you always search for novel, affordable ways to heat or cool your house. Everyone depends on their heating in the cold. Residential window tint can be helpful in this situation. 

Why Won't Window Tinting Increase Your Home's Wintertime Temperature?

Although window films serve as a barrier for your windows, they don't increase the temperature of your house. On the other hand, residential window films act as a filter, deflecting heat away from the window. It entails reflecting the heat from within your house back inside. 

  • Insulating Window Film

Glass is indeed a terrible insulator. You may feel the change by standing next to your home's exterior walls and then an external window. So how do you resolve this issue? Your windows should have an additional layer of insulation! It not only helps in increasing the amount of heat retained within your home, but it also lessens the quantity of cold that enters.

  • Window Films Keep The Heat Inside

In the summer, one room always gets way too hot quickly. It is due to infrared radiation. However, the same theory that prevents infrared heat also prevents heat from escaping. Window films block the sun's infrared energy. After residential window tint is installed, the rooms that used to lose heat quickly in the winter will do so much more gradually.

  • HVAC Operates More Efficiently

Have you ever experienced the coldest winter days with your heat running non stop? Window film may be helpful. Residential window film installation will benefit your HVAC system. Your home will heat up more quickly after installing new window film, and your HVAC system won't have to work as hard to keep it warm. These results in reduced maintenance, cheaper energy costs, and improved comfort.

Also, Heat Isn't Everything.

Window films are used for more than just heat reduction. Other advantages to adopting house window tinting in Orlando, particularly in the winter. Here are a few additional vital justifications for why Florida residents tint their home windows. 

  • Helps To Reduce Glare

You will begin to see sun glare in places you hadn't before as the angle of the sun shifts in the winter. Window films that reduce glare can help with this. This window film effectively filters the sunshine entering your home, eliminating all glaring sunlight. It means that even in the winter, you may enjoy the fantastic view without needing sunglasses!

  • Prevention Against Early Fading

Additionally, many more UV rays enter your home because of all the foliage off the plants. Window tint not only filters out UV rays but also assists in regulating the temperature in your home. The upholstery, flooring, and other furniture in your house have the same effect. You can block damaging UV rays and safeguard your investment with residential window film

  • Adds Privacy

Reflective home window tint prevents the nosy neighbor from seeing inside while allowing you to view out of your windows. Window films will take the lead in maintaining privacy while the surrounding foliage withers away during the winter.

  • Reducing Electricity Bills

Window tinting will lessen the time your air conditioner needs to run and cut your electricity costs, especially in hot summers and late springs. A further advantage is that your home will have a smaller carbon imprint thanks to using less electricity. 

  • Protecting Your Health

Residential window film in homes is the ideal option for people who are overly sensitive to sunlight. There is proof that watching even low-quality movies can lessen the likelihood that health problems will arise. The greater the tint quality, the more likely you are to prevent skin cancer, cataracts, and early skin aging. 

How Does Window Film Work?

You might be curious as to how window films function. No matter the season, window film controls energy through your windows. You can take advantage of a constant temperature as the sun's angle varies throughout the day. By encouraging energy efficiency, your home maintains a more stable temperature, reducing the need for continuous heating during the winter.

You may get the advantages of a high-performance window without replacing your current windows by using 3M window films. It will increase the insulation of your windows and home for a fraction of the window replacement cost, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice. It's the perfect answer for a room that's too hot in the summer or too chilly in the winter. You can now enjoy your home or business without worrying about high heating and cooling costs. It controls the inside environment while retaining your lovely view. 

Concluding Thoughts!

In a nutshell, residential window film acts as a kind of invisible thermal screen that helps in the winter to prevent heat loss and does the opposite in the summer to keep the heat outside. Additionally, it will shield your skin from damaging UV rays, which is good for your health. Be mindful that various tint kinds offer varying degrees of heat protection, so you should be careful while choosing. 

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